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Branch: Engineerings
Department: Civil Engineering Department
Location: Adminstrative Building

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Staff Member Name1- Prof. dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Azmy
Publication Name Multi-Criteria Optimum Design Based for Reinforced Concrete Isolated Footing
Publication DescriptionA multi-criteria safe cost optimization technique for a complete design of reinforced concrete isolated footing is presented. The optimization procedure is formulated to find the design parameters which produce the minimum cost of designed footing with constraints imposed based on ACI code provisions. The cost of concrete, flexural reinforcement and formwork are included in the formulation of the objective function. The behavioral constraints, i.e., ACI requirements for flexure & shear strength, serviceability requirements, i.e., soil bearing pressure, and practical constraints, i.e., limitations on dimensions of footing, are included in the formulation. A closed-form solution of the optimization problem expresses the optimal values of the flexure reinforcement, and footing dimensions in terms of strength and ductility parameters is presented. A complete flow chart and a computer program of the algorithm are achieved and several numerical examples are given to show the validity of the proposed optimization method.