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Branch: Engineerings
Department: Civil Engineering Department
Location: Adminstrative Building

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Staff Member Name1- Prof. dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Azmy
Publication Name Optimization of Concrete Structures
Publication DescriptionConstruction of concrete structures involves at least three different materials: concrete, steel, and formwork. As such, design of these structures should be based on cost rather than weight minimization. A review of papers on cost optimization of concrete structures published in archival journals is presented in this paper. These structures include beams, slabs, columns, frame structures, bridges, water tanks, folded plates, shear walls, pipes, and tensile members. Interesting and important results and conclusions are summarized. A review of reliability-based cost optimization is also included in this paper. It is concluded that there is need to perform research on cost optimization of realistic three-dimensional structures, especially large structures with hundreds of members where optimization can result in substantial savings. The results of such research efforts will be of great value to practicing engineers. Additional research needs to be done on life-cycle cost optimization of structures where the life-cycle cost of the structure over its lifetime is minimized instead of its initial cost of construction only.