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Branch: Engineerings
Department: Civil Engineering Department
Location: Adminstrative Building

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Staff Member Name1- Prof. dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Azmy
Publication Name• Investigation of the Effectiveness of Full and Partial Jacketing for Reinforced Concrete Columns
Publication DescriptionThis paper presents the results of an experimental study to evaluate methods of strengthening or retrofitting which addresses particular weakness that are often found in reinforced concrete columns. Thus, the use of two styles of four-sided reinforced concrete jackets for columns were investigated, where reinforced concrete jackets is the most method used in Egypt for strengthening or retrofitting reinforced concrete columns. The height of the reinforced concrete jackets was considered to be less than that of the original column to simulate the zone of inadequate concrete placing just below floor’s soffit. So, in this study, a new technique for reducing lateral strain at the top and the bottom of the reinforced concrete jacket was introduced. This was achieved by confining the top and the bottom of the original column by steel jacket (collar). In this program, 12 column models were caste and tested under concentric compression load. The parameters studied in two styles (full or partial jacketing) where; the surface conditions between original column and jacket (roughness, epoxy and dowels) were used. The results and recommendations drawn from this study are presented.