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Branch: Engineerings
Department: Civil Engineering Department
Location: Adminstrative Building

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Staff Member Name1- Prof. dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Azmy
Publication Name Stability and Collapse Analysis of Braced Domes
Publication DescriptionThe behavior of braced domes from the pre-limit into the post-limit range is investigated. The general non-linear behaviors of such domes were studied under the effects of both vertical and combined vertical and horizontal loads. A finite element computer package COSMOS/M is utilized. Load-displacement relation-ships are analyzed under the effect of different parameters. These parameters are the types of the braced domes, the rise to span ratio, the span dimensions and the combined vertical and horizontal loads. The results of the theoretical analyses presented in this research show that the factors considered are very important and have major effects on the overall behavior of the braced dome structures. The static analysis includes a comparative study of four kinds of domes. Complete load-displacement curves of domes are presented under the effect of static loads. It is proved that stable equilibrium in each dome is possible for loads both below and above the critical load.