14 Sep15 Sep16 Sep17 Sep18 Sep19 Sep20 SepRegistration of the first semester 2020/2019
121 Sep22 Sep23 Sep24 Sep25 Sep26 Sep27 SepStart the first semester 2020/2019
228 Sep29 Sep30 Sep01 Oct02 Oct03 Oct04 Oct
305 Oct06 Oct07 Oct08 Oct09 Oct10 Oct11 OctArmed Forces Day
412 Oct13 Oct14 Oct15 Oct16 Oct17 Oct18 OctEnd of registration and deletion of courses
519 Oct20 Oct21 Oct22 Oct23 Oct24 Oct25 Oct
626 Oct27 Oct28 Oct29 Oct30 Oct31 Oct01 Nov
702 Nov03 Nov04 Nov05 Nov06 Nov07 Nov08 NovMidterm exam
809 Nov10 Nov11 Nov12 Nov13 Nov14 Nov15 NovMidterm examProphet's Birthday
916 Nov17 Nov18 Nov19 Nov20 Nov21 Nov22 Nov
1023 Nov24 Nov25 Nov26 Nov27 Nov28 Nov29 Nov
1130 Nov01 Dec02 Dec03 Dec04 Dec05 Dec06 Dec
1207 Dec08 Dec09 Dec10 Dec11 Dec12 Dec13 Dec
1314 Dec15 Dec16 Dec17 Dec18 Dec19 Dec20 Dec
1421 Dec22 Dec23 Dec24 Dec25 Dec26 Dec27 DecExaminations of Practical and cultural subjects
1528 Dec29 Dec30 Dec31 Dec01 Jan02 Jan03 JanExaminations of theoretical subjects
1604 Jan05 Jan06 Jan07 Jan08 Jan09 Jan10 JanExaminations of theoretical subjectsHoliday Christmas
11 Jan12 Jan13 Jan14 Jan15 Jan16 Jan17 JanMonitoring of results - Project examinations
18 Jan19 Jan20 Jan21 Jan22 Jan23 Jan24 JanMonitoring of results - Project examinations
25 Jan26 Jan27 Jan28 Jan29 Jan30 Jan31 JanRegistration of the ?second semester 2020/2019Police day
101 Feb02 Feb03 Feb04 Feb05 Feb06 Feb07 FebStart the second semester 2020/2019
208 Feb09 Feb10 Feb11 Feb12 Feb13 Feb14 Feb
315 Feb16 Feb17 Feb18 Feb19 Feb20 Feb21 Feb
422 Feb23 Feb24 Feb25 Feb26 Feb27 Feb28 FebEnd of registration and deletion of courses
529 Feb01 Mar02 Mar03 Mar04 Mar05 Mar06 Mar
607 Mar08 Mar09 Mar10 Mar11 Mar12 Mar13 Mar
714 Mar15 Mar16 Mar17 Mar18 Mar19 Mar20 MarMidterm exam
821 Mar22 Mar23 Mar24 Mar25 Mar26 Mar27 MarMidterm exam
928 Mar29 Mar30 Mar31 Mar01 Apr02 Apr03 Apr
1004 Apr05 Apr06 Apr07 Apr08 Apr09 Apr10 Apr
1111 Apr12 Apr13 Apr14 Apr15 Apr16 Apr17 Apr
1218 Apr19 Apr20 Apr21 Apr22 Apr23 Apr24 AprEid al-Nasim holiday
1325 Apr26 Apr27 Apr28 Apr29 Apr30 Apr01 MaySinai Liberation day + Labor Day
1402 May03 May04 May05 May06 May07 May08 MayExaminations of Practical and cultural subjects
1509 May10 May11 May12 May13 May14 May15 MayExaminations of theoretical subjects
1616 May17 May18 May19 May20 May21 May22 MayExaminations of theoretical subjects
23 May24 May25 May26 May27 May28 May29 MayMonitoring of results - Project examinationsEid Al Fitr
30 May31 May01 June02 June03 June04 June05 JuneMonitoring of results - Project examinations
06 June07 June08 June09 June10 June11 June12 JuneRegistration of the third semester 2020/2019
113 June14 June15 June16 June17 June18 June19 JuneStart the third semester 2020/2019
220 June21 June22 June23 June24 June25 June26 June
327 June28 June29 June30 June01 July02 July03 JulyEnd of registration and deletion of coursesRevolution of 30 June
404 July05 July06 July07 July08 July09 July10 JulyMidterm exam
511 July12 July13 July14 July15 July16 July17 July
618 July19 July20 July21 July22 July23 July24 Julythe revolution holiday
725 July26 July27 July28 July29 July30 July31 JulyEid al-Adha
801 Aug02 Aug03 Aug04 Aug05 Aug06 Aug07 AugExamination of practical and theoretical subjectsEid al-Adha
908 Aug09 Aug10 Aug11 Aug12 Aug13 Aug14 AugIndustrial Training Exams
15 Aug16 Aug17 Aug18 Aug19 Aug20 Aug21 AugHijri Year
22 Aug23 Aug24 Aug25 Aug26 Aug27 Aug28 Aug
29 Aug30 Aug31 Aug01 Sep02 Sep03 Sep04 Sep
05 Sep06 Sep07 Sep08 Sep09 Sep10 Sep11 Sep