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Branch: Engineering
Department: Civil Engineering Department
Location: Building D
Introduction To The Department


Vision :

To achieve advanced engineering education that keeps pace with future progress and create research cadres that focus on innovation and development.


Mission :

To provide modern academic education to prepare a distinguished engineer with a professional level capable of keeping pace with the needs of technological developments or competition locally and regionally with a focus on implementing approved policies in education and learning to gain the skills of scientific research with the aim contributing to the comprehensive community sustainable development process

: Program objectives

  1. Improving teaching, learning and assessment methods in accordance with local   and regional requirements
  2. Increasing the competitiveness of the graduate in the labor market by developing curricula so that the graduate acquires scientific thinking and logical analysis for the analysis, design, and implementation of engineering projects.
  3. To cooperate with neighboring urban authorities and institutions by providing consulting services in the field of civil engineering.
  4. Contributing to urban development and meeting the needs of society.



Department Staff
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