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Branch: Engineerings
Department: Electrical Engineering (Electronic and communication) Department
Location: C Building

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Staff Member Mohammed Ali Mohammed Alsaid
Publication NameWide-Band Sensing and Optimization for Cognitive Radio Networks using multi-rate sub-Nyquist spectrum sensing (MS3), MOWNET 2016, 11-13 APRIL 2016
Publication DescriptionRecently in cooperative spectrum sensing, there are many researches on designing strategies for the optimization of the length of the sensing time (as a part of the total frame length) while fulfilling the objective of achieving certain level of protection of primary users. The performance of cooperative spectrum sensing scheme is greatly affected by the length of the sensing time selected or calculated by the fusion scheme. Different scenarios and types of energy detectors were studied. In this paper a sensing time - throughput trade off scenario is designed using generalized energy detector (GED) combined with the use of the wideband multi-rate sub-Nyquist spectrum sensing technique. The objective is to calculate and determine an optimum value of the sensing time that maximizes the secondary user throughput while achieving maximum protection of the primary user. The strategy for finding the optimum value of the sensing time is the same followed by other researchers, which derived and calculated the optimum sensing time and throughput using other types of energy detectors. The calculations and simulation results showed that technique proved to have better performance (smaller sensing time while achieving higher value of probability of detection)