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Branch: Engineerings
Department: Electrical Engineering (Electronic and communication) Department
Location: C Building

Research Details
Staff Member Mohammed Ali Mohammed Alsaid
Research NameCooperative Wideband Spectrum Sensing Over Rician and Nakagami Fading Channels, ISSPIT 2015, 7-10 DEC 2015
Research DescriptionSpectrum sensing technique is the most crucial
factor that determines the performance of Cognitive Radio
(CR) systems. Wideband spectrum sensing using Nyquist and
sub Nyquist sampling rates proved to have better
performance than other types of spectrum sensing. Multi-rate
spectrum sensing technique have advantage over other
wideband spectrum sensing technique regarding the
probability of detection, probability of false alarm and the
implementation complexities. In this paper, analysis of the
effect of two different fading channels namely; Rician fading
channels (with different values of Rice factor K) and
Nakagami-m channel (with different values of Nakagami
factor m) on the performance of multi-rate spectrum sensing
systems are presented. Results are consistent with previous
published studies on the effect of other types of fading
namely; Rayleigh and log-normal fading channels.