Department Details
Branch: Engineerings
Department: Civil Engineering Department
Location: Building D


The Department of Civil Engineering maintains several laboratories used by faculty members in carrying out their teaching duties. These laboratories are:

                      ·   Concrete Testing Laboratory
                      ·   Material Testing Laboratory
                      ·   Soil Mechanics Laboratory
                      ·   Structural Engineering Demonstration Laboratory
                      ·   Surveying Laboratory
                      ·   Hydraulics Laboratory
                      ·   Computer Facilities

In The following is a brief description of each of these Laboratories :

Concrete Testing Laboratory :
The lab is fitted with equipment for testing concrete mixes and reinforced concrete in fresh and hardened states, as well as, equipment for non-destructive testing of concrete. The lab is also equipped with a 2000 KN compression machine, concrete test hammer, concrete cover meter for locating reinforcement bars, concrete mixers, vibrating tables, an accelerated curing tank, a core drilling machine, gradation sieve sets and other miscellaneous pieces of equipment.

Material Testing Laboratory:
The lab is fitted with equipment for testing building materials: Aggregates, cements, steel bars, bricks, stones, etc.

Soil Mechanics Laboratory:
This lab contains equipment for soil classification tests, compaction tests, triaxial tests for soils and rocks, direct shear tests, permeability tests, consolidation and swelling tests. Other pieces of equipment are available for measuring bearing capacity and moisture content in addition to an assortment of ovens and measuring scales.

Structural Engineering Laboratory:
In this lab, experiments can be performed on small models to demonstrate shear, bending and deformation of beams, bending and deformation of frames, forces and deformation of trusses and buckling of structural elements. The lab is equipped with a beam apparatus, truss apparatus with 5 KN loading capacity, frame apparatus and strut apparatus, in addition to various sensors, strain gauges, data loggers and software packages. The lab serves courses in structural analysis and mechanics.

Surveying Laboratory:
This lab offers capabilities for surveying, photogrammetry, remote sensing and land information systems for instruction and research. Equipment includes total stations, electronic theodolites, electronic distance measuring devices, ordinary and precise levels, an electronic data terminal and several supporting miscellaneous equipment.

Hydraulics Laboratory
The lab is equipped with a fourteen meter flume that can be used for open channel flow and demonstration of hydraulic jump, uniform channel flow, energy / depth and depth-discharge relationships, flow over different types of control sections, supercritical and subcritical flows and water surface profiles. The lab also includes several hydraulic benches fitted with various accessories for experimentation with water flow.

Computer Facilities
The department runs a computation facility equipped with numerous IBM compatible desk-top computers as well as printers, plotters and scanners. This facility is made available to the students as well as teaching staff members and is supplied with a broad range of software packages including word processing, computer - aided drafting and design, spread sheets, database as well as specialized technical programs for analysis and design in the various fields of civil engineering.