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Branch: Computer Science
Department: Information Systems
Location: Old Adminstrative Building
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About Computer Science Department 

The Department  was established in accordance with Ministerial Decision No. 3730 dated 25/3/2001. The study should be in the Department in the fields of computer sciences and networks and information systems. The department aspires to be a leading leader in computer science and information technology locally, regionally and internationally able to produce distinguished cadres capable of writing high quality scientific research. The department's mission is to adhere to international standards and standards in the field of specialization and enable students to produce, use and evaluate knowledge and information. The department's priorities are to provide an educational and educational environment capable of producing distinguished graduates in the field of computer science and information technology, to be highly educated and professional, and to keep pace with the progress and development of ICTs. Every year, computer science and information technology in particular.


The Department of Computer Science is looking forward to a high profile among its likes locally, regionally and globally. It also looks forward to providing educational programs that meet the quality standards, academic accreditation and graduation of qualified cadres in the disciplines of computer science and networks and information systems that can be relied upon in the labor market, keep abreast of the technological development in the world and achieve the goals of sustainable development.


The Department of Computer Science seeks to provide excellent educational programs in the field of computer science and information technology, which is concerned with responding to the scientific and technical changes witnessed by the world on the one hand, and responding to the requirements of the local community in this field on the other hand. Distinctive

In performance contribute to the transfer of technology to society, and keep pace with the requirements of sustainable development


  1. Prepare and qualify specialists in computer science and technology to meet the requirements of the labor market through diversification in ways of learning and education and training students to apply knowledge and skills acquired to solve real problems.
  2. Providing outstanding academic programs in the field of computer science in both theory and practice in line with the standards that achieve quality in education.
  3. Encouraging and developing scientific research in the fields of computer science and information technology in general and fields of e-learning, science, computer networks and information systems in particular.
  4. Develop a stimulating environment for faculty members to develop their knowledge and educational and research skills.
  5. Work to provide service and sustainable development of the community in the field of computers and information.

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