Public and cultural relations department

Public and cultural relations department dates back to the foundation of the Higher Technological Institute (H.T.I). Itself in its modern sense, Public relations sector is not limited to perform some secondary and procedural functions dictated by routine work in official and institute and includes. Nor does it cater only for the demands of admen's tractive personnel inside these includes or members of the public.

By definition public relations is a means of engineering human relations. As such, it is an instrument of creating effective, modern, civilized ties that bond together various institutions. And because public relations have become an academic discipline fought of higher institutes and big universities, many students have fostered an interest in studying information and media courses. This discipline is expected to create a new understanding of public relation more visible and deeper abiding by all the lacerative on the art and all its applications. As a tributary to administration, Public relations plays as important role to the university and plays a prominent role in strengthening the ties between individuals and groups of people at them and abroad. This importance is increased by the part public relations play in creating links between the university staff and the community by the prominent and academic status of the university and defining the role it plays in the life of the community. Public relations also play an active part in linking the university with other state institution and the public sector and identify public opinion.

Public Relations Vision:

- Further interaction between the Higher Technological Institute (H.T.I) and the local community.

- Close ties binding H.T.I community together.

- Encouraging the media to cover H.T.I activities.

Public Relation Message:

- To project a good picture about the institute and to attract more Egyptian and Arab students.

- To make it easier for academic and administrative staff to do their jobs.

Public Relations Objectives:

- To keep abreast with the institutes much to develop its activities in all domains.

- To further human relations in the community and to win the satisfaction of the public.

- To create the principles of understanding and corporation between the institute and other educational, economic and social institutions and the local community.

- To create and maintain effective and civilized relations between social institutions.

- To increase graduate students opportunities to establish their own private businesses to find suitable jobs for them.

With Public Relations Best Regards