Information Technology department

Objectives for information technology Department

Raise the infrastructure, basic and full mechanization of the Institute to benefit from the information revolution and access to information quickly and effectively.

And this already happens through the provision of softwareand hardware and building computer networks in the institute to link the Institute network with the Egyptian universities and electronic sources of information for easy access to books, periodicals, scientific research and the creation of the university community to deal with this revolution.

*Mission of the information technology Department

1- Directing and managing the development, implementation and follow-up plan of the institute in information and communications and systems in support of the objectives of the Institute seeks to achieve

2 - to provide all security measures for data systems against loss or misuse

3 - Development of management systems to ensure the Institute's basic handling and management information required to assist in effective decision-making process
4- Providing training and guidance as required to users of the Information Systems Institute to ensure the optimal use 
- knowledge of developments in the field of information systems, directing and managing the IT department staff to ensure them and train them well, and the implementation of their responsibilities in accordance with standards set.

6- Evaluation of the Institute of Information Technology and out appropriate solutions to meet the requirements of the Institute, both with regard to programs or devices

7 - Providing technical support to the Institute staff to assist them in solving problems facing them in the drivers or in the computer hardware itself or in any Other techniques

8- organization and management of databases of the Institute to ensure efficient information management in support of management decision-making right and meet the requirements of the educational process

9- Design and updating the Institute website on the Internet and related documents so as to achieve effectiveness and ease of access and provide an external interface of the Institute are excellent

10- Developing and updating of computer networks and the Internet to provide an accurate source of information and direct to all students and faculty members and staff Institute
11 - making contacts with specialized companies and the negotiation of contracts for the design and provision of services which can not be provided internally with respect to the Web site and the Internet.

 Contact IT Department:

Eng. Mohamed elsaid,   (  internal 1614)

Eng.Ahmed Tantawy        (  internal 1614)




(Eng. Ahmed Saad            ( internal 1720